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Welcome to speakerxpertEdit

Welcome to the speakerxpert wiki. We’re here to help you learn all about audio fun and make you realize that it can enhance you're life in ways that you never thought possible before. First of all why dont you learn about what a speaker actually is?

A speaker is a device that will play sounds/music out loud and several speakers can play the music out loud.

If you're interested in specific speakers I suggest you take a trip over to the best floor standing speakers - website.

If you're more interested in tower speakers then I suggest this page - website on speakers that are towers

If you're looking for a more affordable selection there is a page for speakers under 500

Anyway today lets learn the difference between a woofer and a tweeter. A woofer is responsible for playing the low base sounds such as rock music while a tweeter is in charge of high frequency sounds such as a screaming woman scene in a movie or classical music. Now that you understand what the difference is you will need to understand what the crossover point is. We will cover that next week.

Yamaha construction

Every week I am going to come back and cover a different topic.

Describe your topicEdit

Anything to do with audio fun and how it can really enhance your life.

Latest activityEdit

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